Lawrence has been taking professional photographs & videos for 9 years. His interest in photography started when his dad gave him a camera on his 15th birthday. Since then Lawrence has amassed 6 professional cameras to-date.

He pursued his passion with relentless vigour and was fortunate to hone his skills under guidance of strict master photographers.

Lawrence has a philosophy that his photographs should tell a meaningful story for the couple. His natural preference is to use candid reportage style for capturing the spontaneity and warmth of the moment. That said, Lawrence’s number one principle is to always listen. He consults with his clients to find out what is special to them. This working motto is largely because of personal experience: his wife often laments their own wedding photographs can be less boring and more lively.

It is no wonder Lawrence often receives bookings months in advance through word of mouth referrals from satisfied clients. Most recently, some of his repeat clients have just become new parents and they have tasked Lawrence to add a new chapter to their life photo-journals.




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