Muse /mju:z/ noun – a person that gives a photographer, designer, writer etc
the inspiration, ideas and desire to create things (works of art).

Hues /hju:/ noun – a colour or a particular shade of colour.

While the wedding couple remains the focal point, the Bride is always our Muse.
Some couples are more expressive with special ideas of their own.
Other couples may be quietly reflective.
The main task at Muse+Hues is to listen to what is being said (and not said),
as we hope our photographs capture their personalities, their bond,
and the beginning of the rest of their lives together.

And of course all wedding photographers love the hues of a wedding event
…the bride’s make-up, her gowns, the coordinated colours of sisters’ and brothers’ outfits etc.
It is also our business to understand when to use a warm hue for a particular photo shot,
and when to execute other scenes with a cooler hue.

Muse & Hues simply caters to the photography and videography needs of your wedding.








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